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OTT Forecast: Cloud-y with a Chance of TVaaS 

A new white paper by OTT Executive Summit sponsor Viaccess-Orca explains the trade-offs of three different TV service delivery approaches and predicts that cloud-based TV as-a-service platforms will dominate due to their advantages in cost, time, and flexibility. The white paper recognizes that we are moving to a non-traditional stage in the television industry that doesn’t follow the same old rules.

I like how this white paper sets up the rules of the combatants and the weapons at their disposal. On one side you have the traditional Pay TV players—primarily service providers such as Comcast and Sky and broadcasters such as ABC and BBC. You also have the content creators such as Disney, etc. In a sense, you could also consider Netflix and Hulu, as premium VOD apps, as part of this structured ecosystem. Then you have the non-traditional, more disruptive players: consumer electronics companies such as Sony, Apple, and Roku; technology enablers and social networks such as Google and Facebook and Twitter; and retailers such as Amazon. These non-traditional players mix and match and blend the old rules for video/TV distribution and monetization. They also fundamentally change the cost structure for how TV infrastructure is deployed and paid for. In short, all have moved to cut out the middleman by launching direct-to-consumer services of their own.

The end result is a technology ecosystem that is getting increasingly more expensive to maintain for traditional and non-traditional TV/video operators. Browsers, apps, and devices must be developed and integrated into a seamless user experience. Content must be supported (and protected) in many different modes and profiles. And everything must support a variety of ways to monetize the content.

Within that context, the white paper addresses the trade-offs between three different approaches to building and managing a multiscreen services delivery platform: 1) premise-based; 2) hybrid/hosted; or 3) a cloud-based “TV platform as a service” (TVaaS or TV PaaS) approach. The white paper does a good job explaining the benefits of the TVaaS approach, and why Viaccess-Orca has clearly staked their claim there.

In the RFPs that I work on for clients, the platform as a service— both from a technology and pricing perspective— seems to be the direction the industry is heading. There will for sure be some bumps in the road as broadcasters and service providers endeavor to maintain their current premise equipment as long as possible, but in my humble opinion, the benefits outweigh the disadvantages.

Download the white paper here:


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