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My name is MaryPat and I am a Pandora adict! There! I said it! If Pandora gave me a dollar for evey person I've directed to try Pandora, my four kids would have a pretty hefty start toward their college funds. My best introduction was to my college senior sister - who I believed knew all things web-related. Now she too is hooked - perhaps it's in the genes.

That being said, the limitation is that Pandora is not as readily accessible as I would like (to my knowledge). If I am in front of my computer, Pandora is generally playing. If my husband is willing to share his IPod touch (which he usually takes to work) I can listen to Pandora through my kitchen or basement docking stations. Outside of this, unless I relocate my docking stations of computer, Pandora is not available to me in other rooms of my house.

So, here is my wish list for Pandora:

1. There would be some reasonably priced way to get Pandora into each room of my house simultaneously.
2. Different Pandora stations could be played simultaneously in different rooms in the house. (Ex: My daughters could listen to the High School Musical station in their room, my husband could listen to the Toby Keith station in the basement (AKA "Man Town"), while I listen to the Michael Buble station in my room.)
3. That as a parent, I would have the ability to edit my kids stations so that certains songs or artists could not be played.

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Comment by Mary Pat on October 15, 2009 at 11:20pm
I just received news of my lower priced option - Livio Radio - more reasonably priced at $149.99! I'm curious to search out some reviews....
Comment by Mary Pat on March 2, 2009 at 9:20pm
The economy is pretty tough right now. I think I'll wait for a price reduction!
Comment by Brian Mahony on March 2, 2009 at 9:08pm
Alas, Mary Pat. Your wish list is indeed available, but Pandora's Box does not come cheap. It is called Sonos and can do everything you want in terms of separate streams of music and whole-house sound. But your Pandora paradise will cost you $999. Maybe a combo Mothers/Fathers Day present?

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