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Planning for 2021 OTT Executive Summit Launched!

Hi everyone, we've launched planning for 2021 OTT Executive Summit ( Nov 16-18 virtual/hybrid). If you're interested in joining a similar all-star lineup this year (see image for 2020) as a speaker or sponsor, please drop us a line Last year we had over 300 candidates for 135 speaking slots (over 38 sessions) and we expect to have twice that many this year. Please send your speaker bios and abstract ideas. Below is the 2020 summary.

2020 OTT Executive Summit Recap and 2021 Plans:
Last year’s 8th annual (and our first virtual, truly global, and expanded three-day) OTT Executive Summit was a huge success! All in all, we had over 1,700 senior-level attendees who tuned in to learn from 130+ speakers from all over the world (see attached), and over 1,000 who watched the VOD recordings later. If you missed it, you can still watch all 38 sessions (25 hours of content) for free including: 3 market research presentations, 6 keynotes, fireside chats with 17 other executives, and 3 Trender Panel focus groups to hear what the average consumer has to say. Based on this success, we are keeping the same format in 2021 (we may add some hybrid sessions in cities around the world based on the status of the COVID pandemic in November). You can skim the 2020 VOD now to help you formulate your plans for 2021:

Day 1 Sessions:
Access Passcode: #OTTexec1

Day 2 Sessions:
Access Passcode: #OTTexec2

Day 3 Sessions:
Access Passcode: #OTTexec3

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