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Podcast #2: Active Video Networks Talks Internet TV Strategy

Last week I had a chance to catch up again with Active Video Networks. As you might recall, Active Video Networks is a provider of a lightweight platform for interactive TV and all the cool applications that go with it. I spoke with Ed Forman, EVP, Strategy and Corporate Development and Chief Strategy Officer and Edgar Villalpando, SVP Marketing. Active Video Networks only hires guys with “Ed” somewhere in their names (not really).

The thing I like about Active Video is they are not waiting for anyone’s permission to do what they do. There was a lot of talk about standards at the TV of Tomorrow show last week, but we all know that standards can slow things down and are usually driven by those with an agenda to shape the industry in their own image. While Active Video reminded me again they can and do play nice with standards such as the Tru2way standard (formerly known as OpenCable Platform - OCAP) being promoted by the cable TV industry, they can also imbed their technology in devices without standards support, and without a lot of heavy horsepower (or months of costly standards testing).

Since you are already familiar with Active Video Networks, I asked Ed and Edgar to bring it up a level to talk about Internet TV strategy and their vision for how the interactive TV market will evolve.

Once again my BlackBerry Storm (which actually records decent audio) decided to be mercifully brief by ending the podcast when it thought it had heard enough. On a side note, I will be updating my Storm detailed review tomorrow.

Click here to listen to the podcast.

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