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Private Investing in the Cleantech Sector Rebounds

The cleantech sector rebounded in the second and third quarters of this year, after significant declines in the previous two quarters, according to Dallas Kachan, managing director of the Cleantech Group, of San Francisco. The sector accumulated $1.6 billion across 134 sectors in the third quarter, ending September 30, up ten percent from the previous quarter.

Kachan said the industry is benefiting from global stimulus funds that are boosting the confidence of private investors.

“We believe that will give venture capitalists the confidence they need to put large amounts of private capital to work in the sector,” he said.

Cleantech is now the largest category for venture capital investment, he said. In the second quarter, ending June 30, it accounted for 27 percent of all VC investments, up three percent from the early part of 2004.

However, total venture capital investment is down 42 percent for the current quarter as compared to the same period last year, according to the Cleantech Group. The group noted that the third quarter’s average round size was $12 million, down slightly from $12.9 million in the previous quarter. The average size of follow-on rounds increased slightly during the two periods, from $15 million to $16 million, according to the Cleantech Group.

The terms green tech and cleantech, vary slightly in meaning, but both refer to investing in emerging technologies to improve the environment.

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