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Stories abound of pictures being ‘borrowed’ from online family albums or Facebook for various fraudulent purposes. There was the Massachussetts mother who found their child’s photo on a Craig’s list adoption scam and numerous cases of unauthorized uses of photos in advertising campaigns. The privacy settings on your social networking site or image sharing site will go a long way to limiting who can access you photos in the first place. Ideally, keeping the list to a minimum known set of friends will protect your photos from most nefarious uses. Another step that you can easily take to protect and identify your pictures is to use a low cost watermarking software package like iWatermark.
This will enable you to place an identifying mark on all of your pictures. The mark may be a copyright, name, or other image. The software has convenient features such as allowing you to watermark a whole directory of photos at once. There are various controls to get your watermark just the way you want it. The transparency, scale, and placement are all adjustable. Even special effects such as shadowing, 3-D, or embossing are also possible.
Watermarking your photos is just one more step that you can take to increase your personal online safety.

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