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With the close of Circuit City, Walmart and Best Buy are out to gain customers and market share in the consumer electronics market. Announced in the New York Times today, the retail battle is on with BestBuy announcing a partnership with TiVo, promoting a special version of DVR in Best Buy’s US stores in the US with Best Buy promoting to their customers TV’s on a special TiVo DVR and their Napster subscription service that TiVo will make available to their TV subscribers. BestBuy will agressively use social media, like Twitter and commercials to attack Walmart.
Fueled by the need to buy a new flat screen TV, I visited both local stores. Both stores are undergoing renovation in the comsumer electronics space to reflect their focus.
Walmart has expanded their floor space, installed interactive displays, feature 1080p and Blue-Ray products that are accessible with featured product information to read but need to hire more knowledgable sales help. I waited 15 minutes to talk to a salesperson and went to Best Buy.
I admit, I am a Best Buy junkie for information. Their knowledge salespeople and customer service can’t be beat. Best Buy has recently rearranged the floor displays, minimalized the theater, focused on applications inside the box and launched a campaign via mobile devices and computers to differeniate from the off the shelf products at Walmart. In addition, they launched Twitter campaign, “twelpforce”, to reach people who are searching for information on electronics. According to Barry Judge, Best Buy’s Chief Marketing Officer, “The old paradigm is you open your doors and hope someone comes in. In the new world, you can go out and find people that are talking about technology and what they’re interested in buying, and be generous with your knowledge. And hopefully if you’re generous and knowledgeable, people will come and buy.” I agree and signed on after I bought, not one but two TV’s.

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