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Sprint: the worst or just more of the same?

So Sprint/Nextel has been my carrier from the beginning. I would say that my loyalty, given everything that has happened, has been astounding. Yet, my five years with Sprint have not been without complaints. In fact, I would complain about them everyday if I didn't think I was wasting my breath.

From terrible service to even worse customer service, and shotty phones at best, I don't really see how Sprint manages to keep any customers. I've never been late with a bill, never threatened to quit them, and I would say generally I've been an okay customer. Yet, every single month I've got to fight with them about mysterious charges on my account. I've been kept on hold for 30, 40, 50, minutes at a time, passed from customer rep to customer rep six times over in one phone call. Again, if they do this with all their long time customers, how do they manage to keep anyone?

But I've heard whispers of mutiny from other non-sprint customers as well. Which makes me wonder: with cell phone companies, does familiarity breed contempt? Will I encounter this problem even if I leave Sprint as I've told myself for years now? The only thing that's kept me is the fact that everyone in my family--with whom I am in constant contact--has Sprint at well. Is it worth the switch?


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Comment by Brian Mahony on February 27, 2009 at 2:46pm
Ganga, I've heard similar complaints about Sprint. I used to be a Nextel customer and kind of liked the Direct Connect feature (you do get sick of hearing the beep though). I have also used AT&T, and I still think Verizon is by far the best network in terms of coverage, voice quality, features, and customer service. They also have a free family plan. So if you switch, you might have to convince everyone in your network to go with you. :-)

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