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Problems.  They seem to be everywhere.  From personal to business it permeates all our lives.  The Buddha posited, that "all human activity eventually ends in suffering."  All the great self-authors of our day would tell you that problems can't all be eliminated, but they can certainly be managed.  In a sea of activity from work, appointments, to the daily stresses of our lives, one thing is most absolutely certain, we as humans love to be entertained. 

For me, this runs the gamut from Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast, Surface Book, Samsung QLED, iPad, iPhone, Apple Watch, and my newest addition, a HUD for my vehicle.  I live in a stimulus obsessed world, and I love it!  I can disconnect at will.  No one forces me to fetch or even believe what I hear, see or read.  #FakeNews #RealNews is better than no news. Netflix binging, Amazon Prime Video consumption, YouTube hunting, and TED Talk hacks, help keep me sane in a confused and fractured world.  They help me escape.  They allow me to relax and take a deep breath. They called me home even though I am miles away.  They fill me with laughter and sometimes, disdain. Streaming affords me the ability to separate myself from my problems.  They show me a "new sign post ahead."  This is not the Twilight Zone, folks.  It's the real world, and yet another hurdle we all must jump through - they say problems are but opportunities to grow. 

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