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Just released: The all-in-one iMac? This I had to see and headed to my local store today in NYC to learn more. As an artist, I always wanted a Mac. After a friendly greeting at the door, a staff member listened to my queries, and led me through the Apple experience knowing I was a longtime PC user.
I was impressed with the sleek design, aluminum surface, 24” display (1680x1050 resolution) and a smaller keyboard with 2 USB ports for mouse and camera devices. The display comes with a stand, but can be wall mounted.
The list of applications is mind-boggling for photos, games, videos, games, I can learn to play the piano and turn my house into a wi-fi wonderland with 802.11 technology.
There was no disc slot, but with the Super Drive function you can burn CDs and DVDs. On top there is a camera for iChat all built on an Intel Core2 processor. A 4GB memory is standard on the 24” model, with 8GB option; it is easier and faster to run applications.
This model meets the ENERGY STAR 5.0 requirements, many of the harmful toxins found on other desktops have been elimination and it is recyclable. This is a WOW with a reasonable price tag of $1495. Check out the technical data (www. Has anyone out there purchased this computer? Love your feedback.

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