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Technology Media Telecommunications (TMT) 2010 Outlook

Certainly, 2009 was full of challenges for the Technology, Media and Telecoms sector, but I remain upbeat regarding the upside market opportunities in 2010.

Why am I optimistic? The public Internet continues to be a disruptive force that's transforming and reshaping the new world order within the Global Networked Economy.

In particular, the emergence and continued development of low-cost IP Video creation tools, narrowly targeted publication services and abundant free-market online distribution channels will realign the focal point for the entertainment and marketing-related industries.

Legacy big-media companies apparently have the most to lose, and are most at risk of displacement -- due in part to the inherent high-costs associated with their traditional business models. Breaking free from those cost structures has proven to be their greatest self-inflicted handicap.

In contrast, the entrepreneurial micro-media insurgents have no vested interest in protecting the infrastructure investments, or dysfunctional restraint of trade payment practices, from a bygone era of broadcast communications supremacy.

The evolving microcast communications era will gain new momentum in 2010. Similar to the casualties of the legacy airline industry (e.g. PanAM and TWA), we should anticipate that some big-media incumbents will further spiral downward next year. It's inevitable.

BTW, also expect some of the more traditional advertising and PR firms to follow the same downward trajectory. Once again, it's all part of the same unavoidable industry rebirth that is already in full motion.

Watch closely, because the forward-looking marketing leaders that are guiding this interactive user-centric transition won't look or act like those from the recent past.

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