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Teenagers like me prefer Comcast for variety of content, Netflix for accessibility from any device.

Being a teenager, I've had the opportunity to experience watching TV using different sources, and also to observe my fellow teenage friends consuming TV. Here are my insights on teenage TV consumption to increase the TV hours of the teenage demographic.


My friends usually watch about one and a half to two and a half hours of TV a day. When they are at home, they usually use Comcast OnDemand instead of over Netflix because that provides all of the latest shows, and does not have continuous reloading periods because of a lack of internet connection or too many users at once. Although, if they are on their gaming systems, or their devices, then they will use Netflix. Netflix is available on gaming systems such as Wii and Xbox, and on devices such as cell phones, laptops, or iPads/iPods. They will do this especially if they can find that the  movies or TV shows that they follow are on Netflix. Those TV shows or movies can then be downloaded to their instant queue. Their Netflix instant queue is a collection of certain shows or movies that they have selected and are available for them to watch anytime.


My friends would use Netflix even more if it were to expand it's selection and provide more recent shows and movies. But in terms of the accessibility from anywhere on multiple devices, Netflix excels.


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