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When I was a kid, the futuristic vision of telecommunications was the picture phone. We'd all be able to hear and see whoever we were talking to. The traditional phone company may have introduced such a device but I never heard about it...and it was Ma Bell (AT&T or BellSouth) who I had always considered the phone company.

Several months ago, I finally ditched my landline in favor of my cellphone, mainly because of poor service. And I figured if VOIP was unreliable (it was at my house) then I may as well go with cheap and spotty than expensive and spotty; so I decided to get Skype (which is dependent on my wireless plus electricity or a limited battery). But it wasn't until last week that, because of my son's need to see the body language and expressions of interviewees for his student newspaper, that we (my family, specifically my son and husband) got a webcam -- now we have the longed-for, hoped-for picture phone. Actually, I haven't used it because I need to find someone who also has a webcam but it's a start.

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Comment by Ellen Veden on October 21, 2009 at 5:49pm
5 years ago I discovered SKYPE, cut the landline and have been cell phone dependent forever more. I remember the AT&T Picture Phone meeting rooms that were in their offices around the country for public use and what we know as videoconferecing today. Went nowhere at the time...Now, AT&T is talking about cutting the landlines...Brave new world! Whooppee...

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