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I recently saw Verizon's ad attacking iPhones (watch it here: and, although the ad has glaring factual errors, it raises a good issue: why can't the iPhone do so many things other phones can do?

For example, the iPhone doesn't have a removable battery. It took forever for Apple to create MMS capabilities and copy and paste functions. It wasn't until the G1, or more likely the Palm Pre, that Apple felt the need to respond to its consumer base and add basic features of the computing/smartphone age.

Before I part, my rant on Apple brings me to another point about cell phones in general. Cell phones, or I should say "Smart Phones," have become a one-stop computing center. You can watch videos, listen to music, text, e-mail, surf the web, send pictures, take pictures, etc., and, of course, make phone calls. So, we can do all of these things on phones, but there is one basic feature that has, for some bizarre reason, eluded the cell phone race--flashlights. Why? Who hasn't been rummaging around in the dark and tried to use their cell phone screen as a flashlight, only to be frustrated by how the soft glow of the screen provides minimal lighting, and how you have to touch the screen/press a button every few seconds or the screen goes dark? Answer: everyone. So, if any cell phone manufacturers happen to stumble onto this post, please please please put a flashlight on your phones. It really shouldn't be that difficult.

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