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T-Mobile Joins the Move to Lower Plan Pricing

T-Mobile has joined the move to reduce program pricing (see Unlimited Plan Price War Developing - Virgin Mobile Announces $50 p.... Here are the changes we've noticed:

  • T-Mobile's Family myFaves plans have been changed. Now the top two subscription programs have seen their prices drop $10/month and the addition of 500 "anytime" minutes. So, the plan that formerly cost $119/month now costs $109/month and now includes 2,500 anytime minutes. The plan that formerly costs $149 monthly now costs $139 a month. It now comes with 3,500 anytime minutes.
  • A new Family myFaves offering is now available that includes 1,800 anytime minutes and is priced at $89/month.
  • Two of the lower level plans have also been augmented with 500 additional minutes - The $99 (2,500 anytime minutes) and $129 (3,500 anytime minutes) FamilyTime plans also get an extra 500 minutes.
  • T-Mobile has enhanced all of its individual plans that are over $49/months as well. These plans now include free calling to other T-Mobile subscribers.
T-Mobile is one of the more economical service providers in the U.S.

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