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My favorite subjects back in school were Literature/History and Technology.  Both these subjects really allow one to express in written form ideas that can turn something considered rather small into something big.  Technology on the other hand, takes these ideas and helps shape it in the physical, material world.  After all, technology (even in its rudimentary form) was, and still is, a way and means that gave shape and form to abundance and prosperity (in the right hands of course). 

The period in history I would most love to go in time and visit would be Ancient Egypt.  The culture was rich in its self-expression, and the people of the day believed and were guided with forces beyond our comprehension.  Not only did the inhabitants have a strong sense of identity, its people believed in a divining hand that permeated every factor of their lives from religion, art, food, dress, oral history, entertainment/amusement, health to even death.

Television in all of its facets from social streaming to V.R., affords me the closest opportunity to feel and imagine.  It allows me to wonder.  It enables me to explore the time frame, live among its people, view the proposed conception and building of the Pyramids and to finally understand what ultimately led to its destruction, and with it, its lost treasures and secrets.  It is the truest form of realism to date.

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