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As a mom tv watching in my household is very limited. I also find that watching tv in itself has evolved. For the most part, I find that instead of spending countless hours in front of the tv soaking in hours of programming we are now on-the-go and choosing what we want to watch and when. There's also so much content available and ways to obtain it that it can be quite overwhelming.

While at home I am constantly multi-tasking while preparing a meal for my family, organizing the home, getting kid ready, preparing myself for work the next day, catching up on errands, doing online banking and shopping, or the some many other things that make us wonder what we've done with our time. In between it all, I do a lot of binge watching throughout the week. On my dvr I queue tv shows, primetime tv, and some specials to catch later but I can rarely get to them. I find that when I am ready to catchup to Shark Tank or Undercover Boss the episode I wanted to see has been removed. I find it quite annoying that Cable will remove items without any notice and when I have complained they don't take responsibility. I am also displeased in that when I do have the time to catchup on my favorite programming such as while at a waiting area that I am unable to login to my account and watch because my cable company requires that you are in the household which makes it pointless at times to pay for cable. Apps should allow you to be mobile and provide the content that is on your dvr or be able to see the live programming you want but you can't always get that; so what's the point in providing some of these functions if you are still tied to your home cable box.

My kid in the other hand is set up to my kindle Fire HD to view his favorite cartoons and movies on Netflix. He enjoys having his own space and watching what he wants when he wants being that he has his on Netflix profile in our account. My husband is a movie buff and also watches a lot of Netflix streaming thru our LG 49-inch Webos TV---he enjoys going back and forth between Amazon Prime Instant Video,  and YouTube to catch movies, music, news, and some sport. During weekends we watch kids programming in the day such as cartoons or Disney movies then watch comedy movies or game shows together as a family. As a mom it makes me happy that although during the week we may have different interests and schedules that during a 2 day weekend we can share the tv screen and enjoy good entertainment.

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Comment by Brian Mahony on April 27, 2015 at 11:16pm

Nice post Alicia. I can relate. -Brian

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