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Twitter Adds Some Serious Functionality

If you are on Twitter, you may have noticed that today your screen looked different than it did yesterday. As is the norm these days with Web 2.0 sites, out of nowhere the user interface has been changed, and suddenly the screen that you have looked at daily has changed. Facebook and LinkedIn have had issues dealing with an angry demographic who opposed their recent changes, but I don't think that this will happen with Twitter. Why? Because Twitter added enough functionality that you could call the new version of Twitter a 2.0 release.

What exactly did Twitter do that I am so excited about?

There is finally a Search Box in the Sidebar! When I first started using Twitter I couldn't even find the search link, which was at the bottom of the page, and even then it led to another site and did not seem well integrated with Twitter. This has all changed and it is now extremely easy to search within Twitter without leaving the site. Yeah!

You can now save up to 10 searches! I daily look for other people that I might be interested in following. This will save me lots of time.

Trending Topics are now displayed in the Sidebar! In other words, if you want to see what are the popular terms being tweeted on Twitter, they will now show up right in your Sidebar! The top 10 topics, that is, but that's enough to spark your interest in what everyone is tweeting about.

You can now collapse the obnoxious pictures of all you follow! OK. It was cool at first to see a thumbnail of all of those that I follow. But it gets meaningless after you start following 50 or so people. Twitter was smart to give you the option to collapse this, as well as the new Saved Searches and Trending Topics, to help you streamline your user interface.

and perhaps the coolest feature of all....

You can capture an RSS feed for any Twitter search query! In other words, you no longer need to log in to Twitter to catch the latest tweets on a specific subject and can now enjoy them from the comfort of your own RSS reader.

I like what Twitter is doing, because they are adding more basic functionality while allowing their users a higher degree of customization in their user experience. If this is a sign of things to come, the future is bright for Twitter!

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