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( Nov. 16-18)

After six weeks of working through many great suggestions, I think we've curated 36 awesome sessions that are topical and very strategic for understanding the current state of the OTT industry. Over the next few weeks we'll be populating the agenda with speakers (don't worry if you haven't heard from us yet, you will).

*** Speakers and Sponsors!
We are still deluged with speaking and sponsor requests. That being said, now that the agenda is posted we see spots for about 30-40 more speakers. Thank you for your patience for those who have already submitted. Last year we had over 300 candidates for about 135 spots and we expect to exceed that this year. We are processing requests in this order (send inquires to corresponding email address please):
1. Keynoters (
2. Sponsors (
3. Moderators (
4. Speakers (

***Thank you to our initial Sponsors***


-Whip Media
-OTT Executive Summit & Magazine
-Trender Research, Inc. Research

-Wicket Labs
-Social Video & Live Streaming Summit

***Registration- Now Open!
Thanks to our sponsors, we are again extending free registration for qualified media & entertainment executives (generally Director and above), all others enjoy 80-90% discounts. Early Bird expires Sept. 17. Sign up here: Last year we had 2,700+ attendees including VOD. Join us!

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