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Viewing My Way! English & Spanish Programming

If you asked me a year ago about my TV watching habits my answer would have been different then today. I would have never imagined that I would watch less TV yet more of the programming I like, or that I could live without cable. Yes, I finally cut the cord and got rid of the dusty yet expensive cable boxes. It's been 6 months since I got rid of cable. I thought that i could not do it. I thought that I would miss the box atop of my tv, but, now i've realized that I do not miss it at all. All the programming that interest me are now at the palm of my hand via a smartphone, tablet, and via apps on a smart tv.

My preference, unlike sitting on the couch and watching countless hours of tv while multi tasking has now evolved to watching just about anything on my smartphone or tablet while on the go. I can keep up with episodes of Sharktank, Undercover Boss, The Amazing Race, Real Housewives of Atlanta, Family Feud, Ellen, and countless others via Youtube and Netflix anytime. I can also easily share what I am viewing with friends or start a conversation via social media, I've even interacted on Twitter commenting on some of the shows I've watched and have visited websites such as NBC, ABC, Bravo, and AMC for additional show content.

When it comes to Spanish content I mainly view programming from my country, Dominican Republic, via Canales Dominicanos app--there I can view local and international shows and special events. I can also interact with my family via Magicapp or Whatsapp while watching in real time unlike watching via cable which many of the programming were provided with one week delay or at a different time than it's normal broadcast. Telemicro International's channel 5, and 15, I watch most because they have many entertaining shows such as Extremo a Extremo, Sabados Extraordinario, Boca de Piano es un Show, and Raymond y Miguel to name a few. I am also able to Catch Sabado Gigante (Univision), Al Rojo Vivo con Maria Celeste and Caso Cerrado (Telemundo Internacional) and when I do miss it I catch episodes via Youtube. Also, my favorite soaps out of Turkey are now dubbed into Spanish and can be found in Youtube such as Suleiman el Gran Sultan (MundoFox), and Las Mil y Una Noche. Netflix also allows me to view series such as Los Caballeros Las Prefieren Brutas (Colombia),  soaps such as La Reina del Sur (Spain), El Señor de los Cielos (Mexico), and countless movies in Spanish. 

I love and enjoy this new way of watching programming when I have the time, and to choose what I want to see as I please. I feel alot of freedom without been tied down paying for 1000 channels when I regularly watch 10. I recalled a few years back my cable bill had gone over $150 a month and when I asked Cablevision's customer service about ways that I could reduce cost their suggestion of doing so was by removing Bravo, E!, VH1, and HBO which were the channels I watch most. Their suggestion of keeping basic cable and a family package was very disappointing because my families interests were not covered by the selections offered--and when there were episodes set to watch later they were constantly removed, therefore, both my child and husband watch more Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Youtube, then what cable was worth. My child enjoy cartoons via Youtube such as Curious George, Peppa, Peg+Cat, and other kid friendly content. My husband enjoys movies, games, sci-fi and documentaries too many to mention that are easily accessible online without the hefty monthly fees.

I would prefer to pay for the channels I do want then what I do not need and hope that the big wigs in many of the cable and satellite companies realize that programming is not distributed as it once used to be and that most people want a choice when it comes to bundling--so let us to pick and choose to fit our needs instead of choosing for us. If we are to pay for entertainment allows us to get our monies worth by selecting what we really want. 

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