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Webinar: "How OTTs Save Money and Improve Performance by Streaming Video on the Alternative Cloud"

Did you know there are more options to build, run, and grow your company in the cloud other than AWS, Google Cloud, or Microsoft Azure? Streaming content shouldn't be a huge and unknown expense, with customer support often lacking.

Simply put, complacent streamers pay too much and get passed by their competitors. In this webinar, you'll hear from over-the-top streaming companies that have grown their businesses while saving money thanks to alternative cloud providers. Learn how they:

- Receive a more predictable global pricing model that doesn’t sacrifice latency or user experience.
- Control expenses with virtual machines that come with pools of bandwidth included in the cost along with additional bandwidth offered at a flat rate.
- Programmatically deploy and manage infrastructure with open APIs and open source configuration management solutions.
- Optimize routing and peering through a high-speed global network and worldwide data centers.
- Build highly responsive support organizations in partnership with their cloud infrastructure provider.
- Brian Mahony, CEO, Trender Research and President, OTT Executive Magazine

- Chris Allen, CEO, Red5 Pro
- Garvan Doyle & Blaze Cerovcec, Co-Founders, MIXR
- Mike Maney, Head of Corporate Communications, Linode

Date: Wednesday, 3/24, 1 pm ET (New York Time)

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