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Will the OTT Market Reach $12B in 2018? Regional Market Research Forecasts and Trends

OTT market size data reflects the wide diversity of opinions as to how fundamental the shift is away from traditional Pay TV business models. Is it incremental and evolutionary, or is it dramatic and revolutionary? Depending on where you are coming from, your predictions for the future size of the premium subscription OTT market can vary dramatically.

The above link will take you to a portal where you can download three different regional reports courtesy of MTM Research and OTT Exec sponsor Vindicia: ( 

 They include analyses and forecasts for North America, LATAM, and Europe. For anyone looking for good market size numbers, or just an assessment of the trends and challenges shaping the OTT industry, the reports are good reading. The reports predict the premium OTT service market doubling, perhaps tripling over the next few years.

Among my takeaways from the reports:

• Some of the challenges that will need to be solved for OTT to reach the higher end of the growth targets include:
o Content acquisition
o Content protection
o Subscriber retention
o Broadband infrastructure

• The report also makes the case that “all boats will rise” as the OTT market expands. Netflix will have a smaller share of the total market as many competing niche services arise, but they’ll grow substantially just the same.

• The traditional Pay TV and premium content OTT service will continue to merge and blend into a single hybrid segment.

• The Millennial segment will continue to grow according to its own rules as they look for more flexible, lower cost service offerings. No surprises there.

The report is rather meaty at 30 pages, so there is a lot to digest. It’s based on interviews with 45 industry executives last year, but I think the market forces are largely the same now. I’d be interested in your own feedback and insights about market size and major growth drivers (or hindrances). Take a look and drop me a line:

Hope to see you many of you in New York City next month!

Brian Mahony
CEO, Trender Research
Founder, OTT Executive Summit & Magazine

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