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Why can’t I use these speakers to play music from my computer?

      I’m sitting in my room at my parent’s house, watching the NBA playoffs on TV. Above my TV, I have 2 fairly large speakers that are hooked up to a relatively old stereo. The idea: convert these 2 unused speakers into wireless speakers that I can use from my computer.
      After doing a little research on wireless speakers I was not impressed. Most of the conversation is focused on surround sound or home theatre systems. A couple companies such as Rocketfish and KEF have a wireless speaker kit that allowed you to use wired speakers as ‘wireless’ speakers. However, these kits are expensive and larger than what I wanted. What I wanted was a smaller, more of a USB drive or phone size type of equipment that I could easily plug into my computer and speakers, and then easily put in my pocket to take with me to a party or friends house.
      I believe I have found what I was looking for; or close to it. After doing a lot more research, I found a company called Audioengine. Audioengine mainly develops high end, portable speakers. They also have a product called the W1 Premium audio wireless adapter. The W1 consists of 2 separate devices. The first device consists of a transmitter and plugs into your computer, ipad, or other device with a USB port. The second device has a receiver and plugs into both a wall outlet for power, and into your speakers with a common RVA adapter “Y” cable (the white and red plugs used on almost all audio systems.
      Although there are still wires and cables involved, this system is considered wireless. In the future, we will certainly see more systems with fewer wires as we keep moving into a more technological savvy society. Soon enough, it will be common to have true wireless speakers. But products like the W1 is a transition step, allowing us to use old speakers with new ways to play music (from computers, ipods, and phones).
      When I actually receive my W1, I ordered it on Audioengine’s website, I will set it up and write more about how it works.

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