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You Gotta love Gigatribe-FREE file sharing software

Version 3 is now available - FREE and secure file sharing software with no limit on size and number of files to share photos, videos, music with family and friends. You decide on what to share and with whom in a fully encrypted P2P environment with selected Gigatribe members. There are no files to upload, no size limitations and user scan share files and folders and file transfers can be resumed if the user goes offline. Features include: recently shared filed are color coded ; shared files can be customized with photos or comments and a Chat interface based on state-of-the art standards with a private blog that allows users to post messages seen on members on the network. The Basic version is free and the Ultimate version is only $4.99 a month for faster downloads and remote Internet access. The company site says that this software is used by more than 1 million people to share files over the Internet. For general information:

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